Our trusted partners

EnCata is a one-stop-shop, as you learned already, however, there is a plethora of different domains and expertise where we rely on our trusted partners. We value our relationships and happy to jointly work on your project to design and build your very new solution, prototype or technology.

Accelerators and incubators

Buildit Accelerator | www.buildit.lv

Hardware-focused accelerator from Eastern Europe with a long history. Buildit is based in Riga and we are proud of recommending them for startups with POC prototypes, looking to focus their customer and product development at the pre-seed stage.

GTP (Global Transformation Platform) | gtplatform.org

GTP provides SMEs and startups both fundraising services and access to private capital +  apprenticeship opportunities to grow their business and execute their ideas.


Dragon Innovation | www.dragoninnovation.com

Dragon Innovation helps hardware companies of all sizes move from prototype to high-volume production at entrepreneur speed. Whether you’re a startup manufacturing for the first time, or an established company working on new product lines, they are ready to help.

ENgineering TECHNOLOGY consultancies

NORD Engineering | www.nordengineering.ru

NORD Engineering is an established ‘technology architect’ company dealing with mining, metallurgy and chemical industries, employing a scientific approach to plant and process equipment designs.